The Dunlop/Dunlap family society was organized in 1980 by Elsie Dunlap Harnish of Pennsylvania. Richard Dunlop of Washington, DC designed the Tartan and Clan Badge soon after.

See Membership Form for more information about joining. Anyone of Dunlop/Dunlap/Delap heritage (or any spelling variant of these) may join the Society.


Family Society Officers


Goals of The Dunlop/Dunlap International Family Society

-To bring Dunlop/Dunlap descendants together at Festivals and Games by providing a gathering Place at which members and name-holders can congregate. This is done by setting up a Clan Booth, usually taken care of by a State Commissioner of the Family Society. Volunteer Commissioners are still needed for some States in the USA, Provinces in Canada and Australia, for Northern Ireland and New Zealand.

-To assist members in finding their ancestors through the exchange of Genealogical and Historical Information, compiled by the membership and outside sources.

-To promote the culture of Scotland and the Heritage of our Name. To assist in the growth of the Society. To assist in bringing our Knowledge of the Clan and History to the Other Nameholders, while adding their Knowledge to ours.

-To wear proudly our Dunlop Tartans and Clan Badge and pins at Scottish and Celtic gatherings all over the world.

-To encourage members to submit histories and information to the Society so that our colorful past will be secure for all those NameHolders that come after us.

Past and Current Presidents:

Elsie Dunlap Harnish of Ohio

Richard Dunlop, Washington, D.C.

John "Captain Jack" Dunlap, Jacksonville, Fl

Elle Platte, Montana

Joann Grano, Colorado

Peter Dunlop, New York